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as some of our software is starting to actually go into production, this feels
like a good time to mention that any api tools we create will have a
standardised user agent of
`Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; realmicrosoftbot/X.X; +http://realmicrosoft.com/bot.html)`
where `X.X` is replaced with a version number.
keep in mind that despite the name inclusion, this merely indicates the
developer of an unspecified part of software, and as much of this software will
be available in the form of open source, extendable libraries, our name may
appear on things that are in no way associated with us. this is not in relation
to any events that have recently taken place, rather it is in preparation for
the future (:

this user agent is already in use in some projects, notably a rust api wrapper
for `cohost.org`. also notably, this specific project is not yet released to
the public. it uses api endpoints that are possibly incomplete and/or
unofficial, and steps will likely be taken to verify that our usage of the api
is acceptable before the project is released.

thankie uwu,
signed bill gate
CEO Real Microsoft, LLC
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