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aerc crash a month ago

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Hello was just testing sending a encrypted msg, and that was good I
think.. tio confirm I went to my sent email folder and try to open the
email and it crashed 3 times. so here attached is the crash log.


Re: trying to get gpg working 2 months ago

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Thank you! this is what I was looking for.(not the droids)
fun fact, you can run aerc, inside aerc ;)

Happy Hacking

Re: trying to get gpg working 2 months ago

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  Thanks so much for looking into this so fast.
  Indeed I am using (for now) protonmail but I am not using the official
  bridge, I am using the one created by Emersion Hydroxide
  I was suspecting as well this could be the issue. This may be the last
  drop on my list of complains about protonmail.
  This is prob not the place, but can any other aers users, recomend a
  open/privacy concerned email provider? I remember Drew mentioning one
  long time a go but forgot the name.

  Happy Hacking

trying to get gpg working 2 months ago

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Hello, I am very happy to be able to use pgp with aerc in this new
implemented way.
I have added my key id to accounts.conf and in [general] I have tried
with pgp-provider=gpg and with out
in both ways I compose a email and before sending I do :encrypt but
never works I get a error on attachment(I have not attached anything) 
What I am missing, I though maybe I am wrong that with this
implementation we do not need to export our public/private keys anymore
since is using the gpg keyring right?
Was able to get the error with this msg ;)  in Spanish says "Not a valid

Error: transaction failed, blame it on the weather: cannot upload

Re: ~ghost08/photon#6: Photon 2 months ago

From ReK2 to ~ghost08/photon

I am trying to modify the current script that marks readed cards with
and I was able to delete the card that was already seen, when closing
and opening it will not be there.. the issue I have is to do it with out
having to do so as well.. but I get it always to crash, not very
familiar with LUA.

This below works.
photon = require("photon")
localStorage = require("localStorage")

crashes daily for like ever :) 2 months ago

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   I  been wanting to sent this for a long time but I always have to
   rush to work.
   Every night I leave aerc open like I leave all my software open on my
   PC, when I get up in the morning before work I find it has crashed,
   this happens since I started to use aerc prob now 2 years or so, but
   I notice that lately it makes a dump and gives me this email to sent
   it to, I just did not had time before.

   So here it is, hopefully this is something easy  to fix.

Re: Web Key Directory 2 months ago

From ReK2 to ~sircmpwn/aerc

This is great news to hear you guys are working on this. <3 I guess I
also need to update my sub so I sent to the new manteiner list. Sorry.


Re: Dark theme? 2 months ago

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hmm I sent that by mistake from my spam account, forgot to change tab in
aerc before starting to write the email. Sorry I dont like to sent crap
from that evil server g00gl3. :)

gssg to also do http 2 months ago

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Hello, will it be possible to add http support?
I know, I know this may sound silly, but I am a solely gemini blogger,
and since supports both I decided what if I can run gssg and also
create optionally the http pages so I can enable that feature with out
having to switch to a bloated HUGO that does not do gemini.

Thanks for gssg keep working on it.
Happy Hacking

Web Key Directory 2 months ago

From to ~sircmpwn/aerc

Any plans to add  support?