Vib v0.1.3 released

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Hi there, 

I just released vib v0.1.3, so I thought it's worth a first announcement
message 😊:

Main changes in v0.1.3 are: vib now uses a "small" read buffer -> no
more --max-size parameter is needed.

Instead of reading the entire piped-in HTML from aerc into a large,
pre-allocated, fixed-size buffer, we use a buffered reader and read in
4MB chunks while writing the output file.

Hence, the memory footprint becomes significantly smaller for large
messages. Buffering might speed up stuff as well.

This superseeds v0.1.2 where I, as a quick hack, had set the default
read buffer size to 32MB, to accomodate reading large e-mails without
having to set the --max-size parameter.

In v0.1.1, I added the --cleanup parameter which clears the temp dir
from any previous vib output before writing the current one.

That's all for now!

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