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Re: Abbreviation Expansion bug, extra backslash? 7 days ago

From Kristofer Reykjalin to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Hi Emran!

> For some reason the extension seems to add a stray backslash “\” when
> expanding some of the abbreviations, for example when expanding magic
> methods such as __construct().

Thanks for pointing this out! I hadn't noticed this.

The Intelephense Nova extension isn't doing anything fancy; it just starts the
language server and tells Nova "hey, here's a language server, now use it". As
such I do think this is a Nova issue and not an extensino issue.

That said, I'll reach out to the Nova devs to see if there's any way they can
figure out what's going on.

Re: Project-specific Intelephense settings? 17 days ago

From Kristofer Reykjalin to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Hi Martin!

> I’m just testing v1.1.1 and it works as expected! Thanks a lot for this addition!

It’s good to hear that it’s working as expected!

> I’m having some other problems but they seem to be related to the Intelephense language server or Nova related.
> For example:
> Undefined type 'ProcessWire\JqueryWireTabs‘. <— but it's definitely defined

This probably just means that the PHP file that defines `JqueryWireTabs` is

Re: Intelephense for Nova 20 days ago

From Kristofer Reykjalin to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Hi Eli!

Thanks for reaching out :)

> Would you be able to update the Intelephense version in the Nova extension? The latest Intelephense version has support for PHP 8.1.

I just released version 1.1.0 with an updated version of Intelephense! Thanks
for letting me know, I hadn’t seen the new version yet :)

Best regards,
Kristófer R.

Re: Project-specific Intelephense settings? 20 days ago

From Kristofer Reykjalin to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Hi Martin!

> If we could now have project specific Intelephense settings, this would be a perfect world! :-)

I've just added support for project-specific stubs with version 1.1.0 :)

Adding that support was a little bit more complicated than I thought at first,
so I haven't added support for all settings yet. If there's anything aside from
the stubs you need project-specific settings for let me know and I'll see if I
can add those settings :)

Let me know if this works as intended for you!

Re: Intelephense code hint popups not readable (Nova Palette theme) 2 months ago

From Kristofer Reykjalin to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Hi again Martin!

> I’m using the dark "Nova Palette“ editor and window theme. With this the
> Intelephense code hint popups are not readable. The have dark font on dark
> background.

I just wanted to quickly follow up on this.

The Nova 8 changelog includes this:

* Resolved an issue causing Language Server Protocol hovers to potentially show
with incorrect theming

So this may actually have been a bug in Nova and unrelated to the theme. Thought

Re: Nvm error 2 months ago

From Kristofer Reykjalin to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Good to hear you figured out a solution :)

-Kristófer R.

Re: Donate to your project? 2 months ago

From Kristofer Reykjalin to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Hi again Martin!

> is it possible to send a donation to support your Intelephense project?

I really appreciate the offer, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable accepting
donations since a) I'm not the author of Intelephense; and b) I work on the
extension very infrequently.

If you’d like to support the project the best way to do so would probably be to
simply buy the Intelephense language server from https://intelephense.com to
support the original project :)

Best regards,

Re: Project-specific Intelephense settings? 2 months ago

From Kristofer Reykjalin to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Hi Martin!

> in release note there is a hint that since Version 0.3.0 the language server
> settings should be exposed through Nova's preferences screen.
> But I can’t find any reference to Intelephense settings - except under
> Menu / Extensions / Intelephense - and there is only an option to restart the
> Intelephense service.

To get to the plugin settings you open the Extensions menu and click
"Extension Library…". From there you select "Intelephense" from the list of
installed extensions, and finally click "Preferences" in the plugin details

> It would be great if we could have project related settings - accessible

Re: Intelephense code hint popups not readable (Nova Palette theme) 2 months ago

From Kristofer Reykjalin to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Hi Martin!

This is a problem with the theme, not the plugin. The plugin doesn’t have any
control over what the text in the pop-up looks like; it only controls the
content :)

Please reach out to the theme author to have this fixed there!

Best regards,
Kristófer R.

> On 29 Oct 2021, at 05:15, bitego.office <office@bitego.com> wrote:
> First of all thanks for this great Nova extension!

Re: Possible bug in nova-phpcs 9 months ago

From Kristófer Reykjalín Þorláksson to ~reykjalin/public-inbox

Hello again Guilherme!

I just published version 1.2.2 of PHP_CodeSniffer, and it should fix the
issue :)
Please let me know if it doesn't!

> On 21 Apr 2021, at 20:27, Kristófer Reykjalín wrote:
> > I don't know how I haven't seen
> > this since I've been using the extension like this since the last
> > release :O .

I realized the reason I never encountered the issue is that the projects
I work on never use the fallback (bundled) phpcs scripts, since we