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Hi all,

I am glad to announce the release of aerc 0.11.0.


Release 0.11.0 highlights:

This is a big one.

* New commands to deal with calendar invites.
* Background mail count polling for all folders.
* Authentication-Results display (DKIM, SPF & DMARC).
* Maildir++ support.
* Messages are now deselected after performing a command.
* IMAP header cache.
* Better PGP indicators.
* Better threading.
* User interface improvements and optimizations.
* Various bug fixes.

Thanks to all contributors!

~$ git shortlog -sn 0.10.0..0.11.0
    31	Tim Culverhouse
    22	Koni Marti
    17	Moritz Poldrack
    10	Robin Jarry
     1	Adnan Maolood
     1	Sergey Smirnykh
     1	Tom Schwindl
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