aerc 0.6.0

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Hi all,

I am glad to announce a new release of Aerc. This has been almost a year
since the last one and there was quite a lot of pending contributions.

Please note that I have forked this project recently. I will keep old
mailing lists in Cc for a while to give people time to react. See
https://sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/ for more details.

~$ git shortlog 0.5.2..0.6.0

Adnan Maolood (1):
      lib/ui/textinput: Optimize ensureScroll

Alexey Yerin (1):
      terminal: Add support for Shift+Tab

Bor Grošelj Simić (2):
      s/RFC 8022/RFC 2822/
      correct permission check on accounts.conf

Clayton Craft (1):
      widgets/terminal: Only call vterm.ScreenCell.Attrs once in styleFromCell

Eric Bower (1):
      fix typo in quoted reply template

Eyal Sawady (2):
      Apply dirlist style to unselected directories
      compose: apply default style to header separator

Kalyan Sriram (1):
      notmuch: trim excluded tags

Noam Preil (1):
      README: freenode -> libera.chat

Nícolas F. R. A. Prado (1):
      templates: Use wrap instead of wrapText

Reto Brunner (33):
      remove models.Address in favor of go-message Address
      templates: Remove ParseTemplate as it's unused
      rename header to heditors
      models: add RFC822 headers to OriginalMail
      compose: use a proper header instead of a string map
      format: remove parse methods, use the one from go-message
      allow the loading of existing headers
      lib/parse: use go-message msgid parsing if it succeeds
      imap: strip <> from message-ids
      reply: add References header
      Refactor send command
      fix mailto parsing
      notmuch: remove gc close hooks
      fix aerc-stylesets(7) typos
      Use extensions for querying the mime type of attachments
      trim <> from messageIDs when handling mailto links
      send: don't block the UI thread during the sending
      Refactor lib/open to accept user provided arguments
      Get rid of the aerc.PushError(" " + $string) idiom
      send: fix crash if invalid password is given
      Makefile: use git version string if we can
      notmuch: don't read the full file into memory
      maildir: don't read the full file into memory
      aerc: try to recover from a panic
      lib/parse: simplify parseAddressList
      Fix linter warnings
      send: fix missing error return
      FindFirstNonMultipart: return the proper path
      add mimeType to OriginalMail struct for both forward and reply
      templates: fixup error in template modification
      load config: do not overwrite the config upon error
      notmuch/maildir: remove double emit of the dirinfo
      maildir: track the recent flag correctly

Robin Jarry (20):
      bindings: prepare for more modifers
      bindings: support more modified keys
      filters: allow matching any email header
      index: allow dynamic formatting of message dates
      view,compose: use border color to separate headers from body
      view,list: fix crash when viewing incomplete imap messages
      readme: update with fork info
      go: update all dependencies
      main: set xterm title
      imap: use builtin idle support
      bindings: remove unsupported s-tab key
      go.mod: change base git url
      go.mod: cleanup
      viewer: add colon after header names
      imap: add manual {dis,}connect support
      doc: fix typo today-time-format -> this-day-time-format
      index: add this-week-time-format
      config: use dynamic time format for default config
      doc: update authors
      Release version 0.6.0

Robin Opletal (1):
      save: if part name is a path, only use the filename

Shaw Vrana (1):
      Reapply 'Fix nil pointer deref on Envelope'

wagner riffel (1):
      config: proper error handle [filters] config

y0ast (4):
      update tcell to v2 and enable TrueColor support
      add italics support
      Make makefile compatible with 3.81 (default MacOS)
      Freshen up readme with binary packages


Ben Lee-Cohen <bdc@fastmail.fm>
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Thanks so much for making this happen, great to have a fresh build
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