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Hi all,

I am glad to announce the release of aerc 0.8.0.

Thanks to all contributors!

~$ git shortlog 0.7.1..0.8.0

Adnan Maolood (1):
      aerc: shutdown if socket communication fails

Ariel Costas (1):
      doc: correct typo in man-pages

Koni Marti (12):
      imap: fix panic when sending multiple connect cmds
      imap: emits connection error on logout
      imap: auto-reconnects on connection error
      terminal: fix nil pointer dereference in pty.Getsize
      msgstore: fetch missing headers in visual mode
      dirlist: improve change-folder responsiveness
      dirlist: skip unnecessary change-folder action
      recover: recover emails from tempdir after a crash
      postpone: re-open review mode on error
      imap: improve reconnect stability
      imap: reconnect with exponential backoff
      unsubscribe: parse internationalized headers

Mark Dain (4):
      build: replace archlinux by openbsd
      mk: add make checkinstall
      build: check make install
      readme: add shield for github macos build

Moritz Poldrack (1):
      contrib: add xdg desktop entry

Nguyễn Gia Phong (2):
      maildir,notmuch: avoid leaking open files
      maildir,notmuch: pass in-memory message to callback

Pranjal Kole (1):
      lib/ui/textinput: stop at /, ", and ' chars

Robin Jarry (30):
      templates: add x-mailer header in default files
      docs: mention missing -T options for compose and forward
      compose: add default template for new messages
      mk: only install if files changed
      bindings: fix ctrl-h binding not working
      build: add multiple distributions
      readme: add package links to debian and fedora
      Add .editorconfig file
      mk: avoid searching in hidden directories at the root
      Revert "mk: only install if files changed"
      mk: be compatible with bsd make
      mk: syntax cleanup
      github: add workflow to test on macos
      reply: use new-message template for non-quoted replies
      dirlist: use shorter delay before listing directory contents
      maildir: defer the count of recent messages
      mk: use debug to generate a non-optimized binary
      binds.conf: change default review bindings
      review: display actual bindings for commands
      compose: allow setting all headers in templates
      LICENSE: add license name
      imap: do not abort on malformed messages
      readme: remove #aerc-devel irc channel
      readme: add license info
      config: do not hardcode sharedir
      config: set a default filter for text/plain
      filters: add a more complete plaintext filter
      search/filter: remove from status bar after 20 seconds
      contrib: fix aerc.desktop install path
      config: fix default text/plain filter

inwit (4):
      readme: fix typo in contribution guide
      binds: Warning on unexistent account bindings
      completions: add folder flexible search as an option
      filter/search: display current search/filter arguments

john1doe@ya.ru (1):
      compose: add option to never include your own address when replying

New project home: https://sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/

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