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Hi all,

I am glad to announce the release of aerc 0.13.0.


Release 0.13.0 highlights:

# Added

- Support for bindings with the Alt modifier.
- Zoxide support with `:z`.
- Hide local timezone with `send-as-utc = true` in `accounts.conf`.
- Persistent command history in `~/.cache/aerc/history`.
- Cursor shape support in embedded terminals.
- Bracketed paste support.
- Display current directory in `status-line.render-format` with `%p`.
- Change accounts while composing a message with `:switch-account`.
- Override `:open` handler on a per-MIME-type basis in `aerc.conf`.
- Specify opener as the first `:open` param instead of always using default
  handler (i.e. `:open gimp` to open attachment in GIMP).
- Restored XOAUTH2 support for IMAP and SMTP.
- Support for attaching files with `mailto:`-links
- Filter commands now have the `AERC_MIME_TYPE` and `AERC_FILENAME` variables
  defined in their environment.
- Warn before sending emails that may need an attachment with
  `no-attachment-warning` in `aerc.conf`.
- 3 panel view via `:split` and `:vsplit`
- Configure dynamic date format for the message viewer with
- View message without marking it as seen with `:view -p`.

# Changed

- `:open-link` now supports link types other than HTTP(S)
- Running the same command multiple times only adds one entry to the command
- Embedded terminal backend (libvterm was replaced by a pure go implementation).
- Filter commands are now executed with
  appended to the exec `PATH`. This allows referencing aerc's built-in filter
  scripts from their name only.

# Fixed

- `:open-link` will now detect links containing an exclamation mark
- `outgoing-cred-cmd` will no longer be executed every time an email needs to
  be sent. The output will be stored until aerc is shut down. This behaviour
  can be disabled by setting `outgoing-cred-cmd-cache=false` in
- Mouse support for embedded editors when `mouse-enabled=true`.
- Numerous race conditions.

Thanks to all contributors!

~$ contrib/git-stats.sh 0.12.0..0.13.0
Author            Commits  Changed Files  Insertions  Deletions
Tim Culverhouse        52            143       +1014      -1145
Robin Jarry            32             76        +691       -366
Koni Marti             17             50        +476       -223
Moritz Poldrack         9             18        +178        -44
Bence Ferdinandy        3             10        +205        -47
Ben Cohen               2              2         +16         -2
Julian Pidancet         2              9        +149         -2
inwit                   2              3         +11         -1
Jason Cox               1              7        +106         -6
Jason Stewart           1              1          +4         -2
John Gebbie             1              3        +118         -1
Tobias Wölfel           1              3          +3         -3
kt programs             1              3         +37         -6
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Really solid update for aerc!
Even though it's not directly included in the changelog, I noticed a 
significant improve in message fetching. Maybe it has to do with the 
race conditions?
Either way, awesome work from everyone involved, congrats!

Thank you.
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