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Re: aerc character encoding 15 days ago

From Antonin Décimo to ~sircmpwn/aerc

> You have encoding issues when reading the message? Are you on the master
> branch version? It should just decode automatically there.

Yes, I’m using aerc 0.3.0.r178.gea2646f from the AUR. Should have
stated that before, sorry.

For instance, I received a message encoded in windows-1252. The word
"électricité" was displayed as "<E9>l<E9>ctricit<E9>" on both termite
and gnome-terminal. The same is happening with iso-8559-1 mails.

> What is still a bug on master is replying... it's a know issue no one
> fixed yet. But there should be no shenanigans with piping involved.

Anyway, the filter mechanism does not powerful enough to extract the

aerc character encoding 15 days ago

From Antonin Décimo to ~sircmpwn/aerc


From time to time, I receive email that’s not UTF-8, and characters
are not rendered and instead show as \xxx. This is a problem when
reading mail. Is this a weird bug on my end, or is it because the mail
is never converted to utf-8 when displayed? Is there a nice way to
convert the encoding of received mail to the encoding set by the
current locale?

I use emacs when replying to mail. What I do is that I use aerc's
:toggle-headers, find the character encoding, and use Emacs'
revert-buffer-with-coding-system function to see the file with the
correct encoding, then use set-buffer-file-coding-system to convert
the mail to UTF-8 (because it’s 2020). If you’re an aerc+Emacs guru,