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Version 0.10.2 of ade has been released!



Significant bugs and some small features added in this release.

Bugs fixes:

- With the change from directly accessing raw cursors in pyodbc to using
   sqlalchemy, add_hierarchy() was still attempting to pull a DataFrame
   with a raw cursor and .fetchall(). The fix allows new numbers to be
   added to the local database.

- Although lists of PivotArgs were allowed in the report schema, there
   were instances throughout the codebase that hadn't been updated to
   accept those changes. Multiple pivots per query are now possible.

- Automatic adhoc formatting for pivot tables has been updated to
   include compatibility with multiple columns.

New features:

- Included with the updates for PivotArgs is a new attribute `query`.
   With it, slices to the Output DataFrame can be used instead of the
   original DataFrame.

- When sending a compiled report to a file, unused tabs will be deleted
   prior to saving.

- "rolling_twelve" is a new report configuration keyword replacement.
   This keyword will be replaced by the the year-month 12 months prior to
   the most recent close.
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