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Sebastien Binet <binet@cern.ch>
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Hi Matt,

On Thu May 6, 2021 at 10:18 CET, Matt LeBlanc wrote:
> Hi Sebastien,
> I'm interested to use your yoda2root script, as I would like to do some
> yoda-2-root conversion, and Andy does not ship the yoda2root binary with
> Rivet docker images these days ...
> https://github.com/go-hep/hep/blob/v0.28.4/cmd/yoda2root/main.go
> I have done a
> brew install go
> But, I don't actually understand how to get the cmd package or run this
> script -- I've never used go before. I did try a
> go get go-hep.org/x/hep/cmd
> following the readme, but this did not work.

this should read:
$> go get go-hep.org/x/hep/cmd/yoda2root

$> go get go-hep.org/x/hep/cmd/...
(to install all commands/packages "under" /cmd)

but I also provide binaries for a few commands and OS/archs:

- https://go-hep.org/dist/latest/
- https://go-hep.org/dist/latest/yoda2root-darwin_amd64.exe
- https://go-hep.org/dist/latest/yoda2root-linux_amd64.exe
- https://go-hep.org/dist/latest/yoda2root-linux_arm64.exe
- https://go-hep.org/dist/latest/yoda2root-windows_386.exe
- https://go-hep.org/dist/latest/yoda2root-windows_amd64.exe

$> curl -O -L https://go-hep.org/dist/latest/yoda2root-linux_amd64.exe
$> chmod +x ./yoda2root-linux_amd64.exe
$> ./yoda2root-linux_amd64.exe -h
Usage: yoda2root [options] <file1.yoda> [<file2.yoda> [...]] file.root

 $> yoda2root rivet.yoda rivet.root
 $> yoda2root rivet.yoda.gz rivet.root

let me know if something's wrong or something didn't work out as you
think it should.

also: we have a mailing list:
- https://lists.sr.ht/~sbinet/go-hep
(seems like I haven't updated the main go-hep.org site to reflect

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