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Wofi v1.2 is FINALLY out

* Percentage based window sizing

* GTK dark theme switch

* Fixed edge case with drun mode causing random crashes if images were

* dmenu now supports custom separators

* Wofi now properly deals with a window destroy event(normal window
closure) in normal window mode

* Page up/down support

* C compiler version set for old compilers

* $XDG_DATA_HOME/applications gets priority over cache

* Alacritty added to list of default terminals

* Alt can now be used as a modifier key for key binds

* Multiple keys can be bound to a single action

* Added support for the purism virtual keyboard

* Images can be rendered without scaling

* Generic app names can be shown in drun

* If wlr_layer_shell cannot be found wofi will auto-switch to normal
window mode

* Added support for PrefersNonDefaultGPU in desktop files

* Fixed expanders not contracting when -w > 1

* Dynamic window size based on the number of lines

* New widget builder API for more control for developing modes

* Arguments in run mode can now contain spaces, both \ escaped and " wrapped

* base64 images in the URI data format can now be loaded

* Fixed HiDPI icon scaling

* Added --monitor for specifying a monitor to open on

* The layer wofi opens on can now be user specified
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