Piping thousands of entries is very slow

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I just played with the wofi v1.1.1 and tried to do something like
$ dmenu_path | wc -l

$ dmenu_path | wofi --dmenu
and saw a very poor performace, I can scroll to bottom and see entries keep appearing
even after many second later.

Piping thousands of entries to tools like bemenu or fzf performs orders of magnitude faster for finding a match.

Or am I missing something? :)

With regards

Antonín Dach
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Unfortunately this is a known issue as noted here
https://todo.sr.ht/~scoopta/wofi/35 I'm not entirely sure how much
further I can optimize it, honestly I might need to rip out the
GtkFlowBox and write my own widget to get decent performance with
insanely long inputs which would be quite the task and even then I'd
have to look and see how GtkContainer stores its widgets because it
might just end up being that FlowBox isn't the performance bottle neck(I
would guess it probably is though).
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