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[PATCH] Add German translation to WhatsApp and the domestication of users

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Hi Seirdy!

I've translated your "WhatsApp and the domestication of users" post
to German and added the reference to my translation to your blog in
this patch.

Unfortunately, I was not able to run make hugo successfully before
or after my commit - so please double check whether it works for you
befory applying my patch.


 content/posts/whatsapp-and-the-domestication-of-users.md | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/content/posts/whatsapp-and-the-domestication-of-users.md b/content/posts/whatsapp-and-the-domestication-of-users.md
index 97adac4..be907f7 100644
--- a/content/posts/whatsapp-and-the-domestication-of-users.md
+++ b/content/posts/whatsapp-and-the-domestication-of-users.md
@@ -226,6 +226,8 @@ Translations are always welcome.

- {{<mention-work itemprop="workTranslation" itemtype="BlogPosting">}}{{<indieweb-person itemprop="author" nickname="Skariko" url="https://www.lealternative.net/author/skariko/" org="Le Alternative" org-url="https://lealternative.net/">}} translated this article to <span itemprop="inLanguage">Italian</span>: {{<cited-work lang="it-IT" rel="alternate" url="https://www.lealternative.net/2021/12/13/whatsapp-e-laddomesticamento-degli-utenti/" name="WhatsApp e l’addomesticamento degli utent">}}{{</mention-work>}}.

- {{<mention-work itemprop="workTranslation" itemtype="BlogPosting">}}{{<indieweb-person itemprop="author" nickname="puer robustus" url="https://www.puer-robustus.eu">}} translated this article to <span itemprop="inLanguage">German</span>: {{<cited-work lang="de-DE" rel="alternate" url="https://www.puer-robustus.eu/2022/06/10/domestizierung-von-nutzern.html" name="WhatsApp und die Domestizierung von Nutzern">}}{{</mention-work>}}.

[^1]: <span itemprop="citation">Pierotti, R.; Fogg, B. (2017). The First Domestication: How Wolves and Humans Coevolved. Yale University Press.</span>

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