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On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 11:21:20AM -0400, Nicholas Ferrell wrote:
>Thank you much for your comment in my website's Guestbook the other day responding to my post about alternative search engines.  I am not sure if you saw my response, but I noted there that I would add your notes to my post.

I did see it!

>I quoted your Guestbook comment in my section on 
>DuckDuckGo: https://thenewleafjournal.com/a-2021-list-of-alternative-search-engines-and-search-resources/#bnp_i_6 
>(scroll down a touch to the second sub-head) and included a link to 
>your website homepage.

Much appreciated, thanks.

>I also added your search engine rundown to my list of recommended 
>reading near the end of the 
>article: https://thenewleafjournal.com/a-2021-list-of-alternative-search-engines-and-search-resources/#bnp_i_16.
>It is very interesting - I learned about a few search engines that I 
>had never heard of before. I am in the process of submitting my site to 
>Yioop! - will see what happens.

I'm really glad you found it useful.

>I have a couple of notes and thoughts for your article.
>1. I had come across Seznam before.  Seznam interestingly offers 
>webmaster tools.  It is also relatively easy to use in English.  I 
>created an account but it wasn't finding the verification metatag with 
>the plugin I was using.  Will try to set it up manually when I have 
>more time.
>2.  Naver also offers webmaster tooks - but it only allows for the 
>submission of a single sitemap or RSS feed.  Not easy to use in 
>English.  I submitted one but then Naver declared my account suspicious 
>and locked it.  My site does show up on Naver after submission though, 
>despite my account having been nuked, so it did work (had not been 
>indexed before).
>3.  Baidu offers webmaster tools as well - but I believe it is by 
>invitation only.  UI is entirely in Chinese - no English version.  This 
>is just as well - not sure I would want to submit too much info to 
>Baidu.  I will note that despite the fact I have not submitted my site 
>to Baidu, Baidu indexed me not too long after I went live - before 
>Yandex even though I actually submitted my site to Yandex 

Thanks for this info; I'll add it to the article in a few minutes.

>4. One search engine to consider adding, a Japanese search engine 
>called Goo:  https://www.goo.ne.jp/. I am not sure what its sources 
>are.  I used it on one project (researching English-language sources on 
>"tsuki ga kirei" and Natsume Soseki) to see if it unearthed anything 
>interesting.  Its results were all focused on the anime series from 
>2017, which was part of my post - but not the majority of it - so it 
>did not add anything useful to my research.

Ooh, I'd seen this in my access logs at one point but lost the link 
because the logs get cleaned regularly. Thanks for sharing it! I'll be 
adding this engine to the article as well.

>5. I wrote an earlier post on a search engine launchpad that I thought 
>you might find interesting.  I personally prefer shortcuts to a 
>launchpad, but I think it is a very good way for people who have only 
>used Google or Bing to get a feel for alternatives:
>Post:  https://thenewleafjournal.com/review-of-wutsearch-a-search-engine-launchpad/
>Launchpad:  https://wutsearch.com/

I'll take a look.

>PS:  Feel free to add my email in part or in whole to your mailing list 
>in your discretion.  I sent it as a direct email instead of to the 
>mailing list since I am referencing something on my site that your 
>readers would not have seen - not for confidentiality.

I've CC'd the list, and have kept your full email in the quoted text.

>Thank you for the helpful information and interesting content. I added 
>your blog to my RSS reader and look forward to following your new 
>https://thenewleafjournal.com/author/naferrell/ 〜
>Editor and  Administrator of The New Leaf Journal

Great to hear from you!

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