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Re: Feature request: customisable favicon 6 days ago

From Brenton Cleeland to ~sirodoht/mataroa-community

Thanks for the reply. Understood!

My motivation is similar to yours (but in reverse). Having spent some time
choosing a colour scheme in the past I’d love to migrate it over.

If you change your mind re: customisation post here on the list and I'll
be happy to help out. Subscribed and looking forward to what happens next
with Mataroa.

Feature request: customisable favicon 12 days ago

From Brenton Cleeland to ~sirodoht/mataroa-community

I enjoy the minimal amount of customisation available on Mataroa
but would like to be able to upload a favicon for use by my blog.

Is this a feature that you'd accept a PR for? I'd be happy to work
on it at some point if it is.