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Weirdo, computer nerd, aspiring ecosystem co-creator, I've lead a strange and unlikely life. I dropped out of highschool and was homeless for several years. During that time I learned Reiki, and how to operate and program Linux computers. I decided to get a job as a programmer, so I created a project and presented it at CodeCon 2004. That led to a career as a computer programmer. I worked at several startups (including Etsy) and eventually as a TVC at the Google campus in Mountain View. Since then I have been semi-retired, and I've turned my attention to my other passion: gardening and ecology.


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Welcome and Hello 2 years ago

From Simon Forman to ~sforman/fkl-users

Dear Friends,

Thank you for being willing to help out with this experiment.  I hope it
goes well, and in any event it should be interesting.

More soon,
Warm regards,