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I want to try to write at least one email to myself (well, to the
Heliotrope Pajamas mailing list) per day, maybe two, as a way to record
what I'm doing.

It's been a week.

Up at the land I managed to get some well water into a toy pool.  It's an
inflatable 300 gallon plastic thing that was on sale for $40.  I turned
on the generator, plugged in the well pump, and ran it long enough to
mostly fill the pool.  I estimate it has about 200 gallons in it.  We'll
see if the sulfur smell goes away.

The well pump fed into a PVC pipe that went into the ground a few inches
where there's a elbow and another PVC pipe that led West.  For some
reason someone piled small logs around the well head.  When I was
clearing them and the pipe I unearthed a nest of little critters.
Suddenly there were three little mammal babies crawling around!  I didn't
get a good look at them, there was a piece of nest material that I had
clearly knocked off of them, so I grabbed it and put it back over them
and covered it with a bit of debris and a piece of bark, then I set a
sunshade over the place and left it alone for two days.  They weren't
there anymore and I saw a little tunnel where their mom (I hope!)
burrowed in to get them.  Whew!

It was another reminder that everything in Nature is alive.  I saw a
panorama of Mars earlier today and it is so beautiful but utterly barren.
A poem in geology ("geo" is Earth though... "areology"?  Aries is Mars?)
In nature, everything is life, each thing or place is a home, including
the living things and places.

That old dead tree with the loose bark?  There are bees living in there.

Under the logs piled around the well?  Hugelkultur has begun, the pale
mycelium is among the wood, centipedes, termites, an earthworm, these are
just the macros I can see, the micros are everywhere, "the earth becomes
akin to the vegetative" indeed.

Everything I touch here is the home of my fellow beings.  I cannot take a
step without crushing plants, bugs, lives I cannot know.  It reminds me,
when my time comes, don't take it personally, meet it with good humor.
"It's chaos, be kind."

This land is not a blank canvas.  Everything I do here I have to first
pray and ask permission and forgiveness because I literally can't create
here without destroying.  Every act has to count, it has to be maximally
efficient (within my limits of thought and action), no waste can be
countenanced.  It's death.

Dramatic, eh?  But literal.

The price of clearing the well was the destruction of the homes of many
creatures.  It's only because the well water will lead in time to much
greater life around that I can justify it (to myself, if not the world.)
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The Mars panorama:



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