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Things are coming along slowly but surely.  Patience.

I recorded a "tour" of Xerblin the night before last, and I'm writing a
transcription. I'm about 1/3 of the way through.  It's very rough, and I
was speaking quietly to avoid disturbing the chickens, and I mumble and
talk under my breath in a few places.  But it shows the basic
functionality of the Xerblin UI and Joy interpreter.  It's a solid
foundation on which to build.  Once I've completed the transcript I can
use it to write something like a script for a new video that's tighter
and easier to understand.

At some point soon I'm going to switch to it as my main UI (for
everything, in lieu of a "desktop" metaphor, in other words, as if it was
the computer UI, not X Windows (although of course I'm still using it,
this is just a demo)), on the principle of "eat your own dog food".

- - - -

The heat wave continues, forecast.weather.gov has a high of 111 °F on
Friday (in Redding.)  We don't have the infrastructure on the land yet to
withstand heat like that, and the air conditioner at the house at which
we were staying broke, so we have been forced to retreat (again) to San
Francisco.  It's completely cold and overcast here, we rolled up under
the blanket of fog, ~40°F drop in five hours, most of it right at the
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