the entire art is in arranging things

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Writing a transcript by hand is hard.  Not as hard as being deaf, y'know?
But it's a pain in the ass.  I'm about a third done.

=> https://archive.org/details/xerblin-tour-001-raw

I think the thing to do would be to write kind of a script first, and
then make the video off of that, so the transcript is, in effect, already
written.  Duh?  Or just upload it to the youtubes and their transcription
engine can do the work?  I looked into speech-to-text systems and... I'm
still transcribing by hand.  It doesn't help that the audio is crap.  I
was practically whispering to keep from upsetting the chickens.

It sucks to keep the chickens indoors, but the alternative is 110°F which
is the forecast high tomorrow.  They have enough room to be comfortable,
they just smell.  And the roosters are loud when they crow.  I can't wait
to get them back out on the land where they mostly look after themselves
and they move around enough that their poop isn't a problem.  In fact,
it's a benefit to the land there, adding valuable nutrients and organic

It's wild to be that the entire art is in arranging things.  What I mean
is that, other than cutting, we can't really do anything in the garden or
farm other than arrange things in time and space.  And even cutting is a
kind of arrangement, eh?

E.g. to make compost you have to arrange things "just so": browns and
greens, some water, not too much, and then maybe turn it over from time
to time.  All the actual work is done by the life.

The whole art is arranging things in time and space so that the natural
biological processes proceed more intensely, more plants and animals,
more species, more biomass, more life, more cycling of nutrients and
minerals, more seeds and cuttings and sprouts to cover and transform more
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