We're stuck until the AC is fixed.

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I'm trying to be less of a recluse, by which I mean, make friends.  But,
and this is the tricky bit, I don't actually want to socialize, per se.
I want to get things done.  I feel like we can handle all this
environmental, uh, stuff if we just get our heads out of our asses,
y'know?  And a lot of people are getting the idea these days.  Especially
now that the heat is showing up.

I joined Mastodon, which is fun so far, and I've interacted with a few
folks, so that's neat.  It's kind of a weird experience though. I didn't
really use Twitter, my poison of choice is the Hacker News, which is very
different from a Mastodon feed.

I gotta say this: there is a lot of complaining and shit flinging.  I
know people are riled up, but I wish there was more talk about
constructive actions that could be taken, rather than just talking trash.
Like "eat the rich", how is that gonna help?  Or going after the oil
company CEOs, how is that helpful?  How does that reduce the amount of
oil we all collectively burn?  All the plastic we use?

Are the people such idiot flesh that they have only the power to "torches
and pitchforks" but not the power to use less fossil fuel?

I feel weird defending the billionaires and the oil companies, whoa, but
like I said, I want to talk about and hear about constructive action, not
this cheap French Revolution shit.  I read up on the French Revolution
and you know what?  It was a bad scene dude.  Not fun.

Anyway, that's just something I had to get off my chest.  (I don't know
how to mute posts yet.)

I got on the computer this morning and checked my email (nothing) my
Mastodon notifications (bupkis) and Hacker News (nada) so now I guess
I'll write myself an email.

I spent most of the day checking out the FlowKarma.Live project and
rewriting the README.  I still think it's a good idea, but I have no clue
how to get people to try it, and it's no good without a decent-sized
initial network.  Chicken and egg problem.

Also, there's still no way to get the data back out and use it.  I don't
even have a API for the log, let alone a cool graph, or a way to tie it
in with some sort of economic layer.

Still, it feels good to go through the motions.  ssh into a cloud VM
where tmux is running (same process for over two years, a computer no one
uses can be very stable.)  It feels nice.

Xerblin mostly works.  It's now in that weird place where the first 90%
of the work has been completed, and now I have to do the next 90% of the

All of the electronics and motors and cameras and such are up at the land
(I sure hope the heat doesn't mess them up!) so I can't really work on
making robots, nor can I cut and mulch stuff, obviously, so the whole
thing there is stuck waiting to hear if/when the AC is fixed.

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to care for chickens and
myself in 110F (and maybe greater!) heat.  The well works and though the
water may smell of sulfur it's nice and cold.  It's a good way to keep a
(well-insulated) place nice and chill w/o relying on evaporation.  (100F+
heat is sketchy when it's dry; when it's humid: yikes!)

Eventually I want nice thick stone walls and semi-underground chambers
and galleries but for now I've got to use shade and swamp coolers and
thermal mass and chilled well water to do what I can.  If necessary I'll
get an actual air conditioner and enough solar panels and batteries to
power it, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

That's basically it.  We're stuck until the AC is fixed.  I'm working on
computer things: software and social networking.  Sarah's learning APL.
So that's cool.
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