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It's raining, just a little.  Edges of Hilary storm I suppose.

SO much for daily emails.  It's been a bit rough.  I was letting the
chickens range around on the land with no protection at night because I
thought it would be okay for a day or two until I got a proper coup
built.  But I couldn't even get the tarp to stay up!  (It's a cheap tarp,
the grommets break when you put any pressure on them, and the material
rips, etc.  I have a better one but it's a PITA to put it up.  Everything
is a huge PITA because of the heat and sun.  I spent way too much time
moving stuff around to keep it out of the sun, then I finally got some
branches removed so I could put up the shade tarp (which was sweet while
it worked) but then the tarp shreds.  Around and around in circles and
pretty much no progress.

And then six of the eggers vanished.  A couple of feathers, that's it.  I
feel like such an asshole for letting them get eaten.  I'm so sorry
birds.  I failed you.  And it such an obviously stupid way.  I should
have known better.  EVERYBODY says that chickens need strong coups to
protect them from predators and I'm like, "I'm sure it will be fine."

Anyway, we're running out of money, Sarah's friends return Friday (so we
have to leave their house that we have been housesitting at by Thursday,
maybe Friday morning), and we don't know where we should go.

We don't want to stay on the land because it's still so rough.  Plus
something big bit open the five gallon plastic bucket in which we were
storing some chicken feed!  Yikes!  I don't want to be out there in
nothing but a tent if that critter comes back!

We don't want to go back to SF, because it sucks there.  But we still
have to pack up and move the rest of our crap!  And the tropical plants!
I have no idea how we're going to get all our stuff out of SF and up
here on the land or somewhere using just the RAV!  It's like a teaspoon.
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