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I am not very organized, and I'd like to be more organized.  Not
super-organized, just a little more, because I think that would
definitely improve my quality of life.

I want to improve my quality of life because I want more time and energy
to take care of things: mom, my sister, the pets, the plants, the land,
and after all of that, the people around me.

I don't know about a routine /per se/, but definitely setting up certain
rituals (like doing stretches and such in the morning) would help.

I really want to set up a simple "Memex" system to collect and organize
all the activity I do on the computer.  (Mostly reading the Internet, but
bits of writing and code doodles and such too.)

If I spend my whole life collecting links and papers etc. and never
actually reading them and integrating the info, is that worthwhile?  No.
It's kind of a waste, one step up from watching TV maybe but no better
than playing a video game your whole life, or something.
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