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Re: RFC: reply-as-received 2 months ago

From shine to ~sircmpwn/aerc

On Sat June 26, 2021 at 09:51 UTC, Nicolai Dagestad wrote:
> I would also quit enjoy this feature
> but maybe we are a minority here.

+1. Adding myself to the minority.

Re: [PATCH v6] Account Specific Bindings 3 months ago

From shine to ~sircmpwn/aerc

I have tested this patch and have found it to be working as expected. I
have one documentation nitpick though.

> +*[context:account=regex]*
> +	keybindings for this context and account, where *regex* matches
> +	the account name provided in *accounts.conf*

The term 'regex' could be confusing. I am saying this because I got
derailed during testing this patch. I got over-excited when I saw the
term regex and did not read the rest of the manual text. My first test
configuration was a negative lookahead for a Google account since I had
already configured the GMail bindings globally earlier. When it did not
work after a couple of tries, is when I went back to the manual to read
the rest of the documentation to find the catch - 'where *regex* matches

support for encryption flags and to_chars ( from mutt ) 3 months ago

From shine to ~sircmpwn/aerc

Disclaimer : This is a feature request for features from another similar

mutt has a 3-character notation to indicate message flags.
From muttrc(5):
%Z     a  three  character set of message status flags.  the first
			 %character is new/read/replied flags (“n”/“o”/“r”/“O”/“N”).  the
			 %second is deleted or encryption flags (“D”/“d”/“S”/“P”/“s”/“K”).
			 %the third is either tagged/flagged (“*”/“!”), or one of the
			 %characters listed in $to_chars.

We already have most of the flags already built into aerc ( O/N/r/D/!/* ).

custom contexts for key-binds ( binds.conf ) 4 months ago

From shine to ~sircmpwn/aerc

It would be nice to have the option to have custom contexts in
`binds.conf` as well like we have in `aerc.conf`. I understand it could
be challenging in effort to implement it though.

My use-case is that I want to have custom key-binds for a specific
account or a folder. One example would be GMail web keyboard shortcuts.
GMail web has some nifty keyboard shortcuts for 'Jumping' to different
folders viz Inbox, Starred, Sent, Drafts, All mail, etc. It would be
great if I can define those key-binds specifically only for the GMail
accounts and not have them mess up other key-binds that are used
elsewhere. Being specific, the GMail key-binds start with 'g' which
cannot be bound as is because 'g' is already registered for `:select 0`.
I would not mind remapping `g` on a GMail account, but I would not want
that propagated to other accounts as well.