Hard determinism

Jason McBrayer <jmcbray@carcosa.net>
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Hi! A couple of books I've read recently relating to hard determinism
that you might find interesting given your Gemini post on the subject:

# Jerusalem, by Alan Moore
This is an enormous tome of a novel, but it's pretty gripping all of the
way through. One of the themes of it is that spacetime is a solid
four-dimensional block, through which consciousness moves as if on
rails. The spirits of the dead can re-experience any part of their life,
but only exactly as it was. But mainly it's a book about the town of
Northampton, England, over a span of about 1200 years.

# The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, by Thomas Ligotti
Warning! If you find hard determinism worrisome or disturbing, or are
uncomfortable with philosophical pessimism or misanthropy, you should
probably not read this book. It's an argument that (well, not so much an
argument as an attempt to convey the experience that) existence as
conscious beings is MALIGNANTLY USELESS, and that to exist is "not
okay". It's a really enjoyable read if you like staring into the abyss.


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Holy sh*t! I didn't expect many people to read my stuff let alone
reply/comment! Thanks a lot for your message, you get to say "first!" :)

I'll surely add both recommendations to my list, though I don't know
when I'll be able to read them (too many things I want to
do/read/see/...). Staring into the abyss is becoming harder and harder
to avoid anyway.
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