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Re: Is Gempub support possible? a month ago

From Andrew Singleton to ~aw/flounder

Your focus on bugfixes over adding features is commendable and
understandable. I have a few friends that seem interested in at least
looking at flounder for toeing into Gemini. So. I'm glad you're
willing to host things.

Re: Ideas for updates a month ago

From Andrew Singleton to ~aw/flounder

Actually, yes. a way for each user to implement RSS, or have Flounder
as top end allow 'follow user via RSS' as an option.

Speaking as one of your users who kinda feels like he's spamming your
front page with updates I'd be happy for an option to cut down on the
clutter I'm making that could crowd out other users.

If nothing else condense the updates to [$USER update $x times $DATE:
Last Update: XX-XX-XXX] rather than list every update separately.

Re: sftp access to flounder a month ago

From Andrew Singleton to ~aw/flounder

Due to ease of use, and the ability to bulk update I rather enjoy the
SFTP feature flounder allows.

It's a very solid value add for end users and allows interesting
options such as a 'thought hole' twitter-like that HexDSL uses on his
gemini site along with generally adding a bunch of material to a lot
of directories and doing a one button site wide update.


Is Gempub support possible? a month ago

From Andrew Singleton to ~aw/flounder


I'm making this proposal on the idea that archiving parts of a gemini
site into gempub could ease burdens on limited per user resources.
Persons wanting to use the format as specified in the linked
documentation would very likely have to adjust their link locations to
account, but it should cut down on per-capsule file clutter, and allow
for more space for content.

As example: I have written several novels and story collections who's
text is on my capsule. This feature would allow me to condense several
dozen files into five or six.

Second example: Someone with an active gemlog can archive their posts