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Re: [PATCH git-send-email.io] Add section about git format-patch 2 hours ago

From Drew DeVault to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-dev

NACK, the purpose is to streamline the process. format-patch may be good
for you but I wouldn't introduce it to beginners given how intimidated
most people already are by this tool.

API 2 updates 9 hours ago

From Drew DeVault to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-dev

# Progress

The OAuth 2.0 implementation is complete. The design moves the source of
truth to meta.sr.ht-api, which is responsible for querying and updating
the database, and for generating authorization tokens, access tokens,
and personal access tokens. More eyes on this would be helpful; see the
writable-api branch of meta.sr.ht:


See also the master branch of gql.sr.ht.

The database abstraction is now (mostly?) complete. We have the
necessary support code to do GraphQL mutations. See gql.sr.ht/database

Re: [PATCH gmni] gmnlm: show URL on untrusted cert 9 hours ago

From Drew DeVault to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

On Fri Sep 25, 2020 at 3:21 AM EDT, Eyal Sawady wrote:
> I don't think it's worth parsing the URL to show just the host.


Re: [PATCH gmni v5] Add 'i' to show media type parameters 9 hours ago

From Drew DeVault to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Am I reading this correctly that you're adding ; to the media type if it
doesn't have it? I don't like that. Just make the parser deal with it

I also think that rather than making sure meta is always set (sometimes
by setting it to a filler string), we should just update things which
read meta to handle it being NULL in the manner appropriate to their

Otherwise this is looking a lot better.

Re: [PATCH v1] Add py3-ldap APKBUILD 9 hours ago

From Drew DeVault to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-dev

I can't accept this. The package is not FOSS. The license does not make
any sense:


I made my recommendations for fixing this in the appropriate thread:


Until then, we can't accept this, and if it doesn't work out, we'll have
to roll back LDAP support in meta.sr.ht.

Re: [PATCH gmni v3] Add 'i' to show media type parameters a day ago

From Drew DeVault to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

It seems like the logic flow of the switch statement in
print_media_parameters is complex enough that the switch is poorly
justified, and the goto as well.

I would also like to see the alloc/free code around handling the meta
string improved.

On the whole I really don't like this patch and I think it needs to be
seriously restructured before it's applicable. Sorry. This needs work.

Re: [PATCH gmni v2] Add 'i' to show media type parameters a day ago

From Drew DeVault to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

This is getting too rightwards, can you refactor this into a separate
function? In general I feel like this patch still needs a lot of
clean-up work.

Re: [PATCH] Align header items on baseline with margin a day ago

From Drew DeVault to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-dev


To git@git.sr.ht:~sircmpwn/core.sr.ht
   33182c8..6386f1c  master -> master

Please run this command to generate the correct subject lines for this
repository in the future:

git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH core.sr.ht'

Re: [PATCH gmni] gmnlm: handle CRLF line endings a day ago

From Drew DeVault to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox


To git@git.sr.ht:~sircmpwn/gmni
   8bb1d81..963700d  master -> master