aerc 0.5.0

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I've tagged aerc 0.5.0.
Thanks a lot to everyone that contributed!


ARaspiK (3):
      Add a 'folders-exclude' option
      Add additional flagging functionality
      Add support for :rmdir

Alexander Harkness (1):
      Fix missing escape in aerc-config manpage

Andrew Jeffery (5):
      Fix nil pointer deref on Envelope
      Fix a nil Envelope when getting the format
      Allow open to be asynchronous
      Remove deleted messages from search/filter results
      Only send directory info once from maildir

Ben Fiedler (1):
      Fix usage of DESTDIR

Chris Vittal (1):
      Apply relevant msglist styles in order

Daniel Sockwell (1):
      Document pin-tab and unpin-tab commands

Drew DeVault (5):
      Revert "Make color scheme match previous design more closely"
      Revert "Remove duration from the status methods"
      Revert "Add Style configuration"
      Update .build.yml
      Revert "Upgrade tcell version to 1.4.0 to support truecolor"

Gabriel Augendre (1):
      Format config path in README

Heiko Carrasco (1):
      Use PushStatus instead of SetStatus where it makes sense

JD (1):
      Makefile: remove aerc-stylesets upon uninstall

James Pond (1):
      Fix color scheme for deleted emails

Jeff Martin (1):
      handle message unknown charset error

Jeffas (7):
      Fix search documentation
      Add dirlist scrolling
      Make grid sizes dynamic
      Add dirlist scrollbar
      Rework msglist scrolling
      Add scrollbar
      Sort command completions

Josh Holland (1):
      doc: fix typo in aerc man page

Kalyan Sriram (4):
      Implement style configuration.
      Rename selecter to selector
      Implement style configuration.
      Rename selecter to selector

Lyudmil Angelov (1):
      Make it easier to debug date parsing errors

Martin Michlmayr (1):
      Fix typos

Nicolai Dagestad (1):
      Set environment variables for the exec command

R Chowdhury (1):
      Add `oauthbearer` support for SMTP

Ray Ganardi (4):
      pgp: fail gracefully from email decryption
      feat(pgp): Add <ESC> to cancel password prompt
      feat(pgp): Show error message from pgp
      aerc: Refactor getpasswd dialog

Reto Brunner (38):
      Add Style configuration
      Remove duration from the status methods
      Make color scheme match previous design more closely
      Fix dates in reply/forward commands.
      delete: push unsupported error up to the user
      status: invalidate when needed
      pipe: don't crash if part is nil
      notmuch: handle the answered flag
      notmuch: fix docstring
      Update go-message, fixes various bugs
      run go fmt
      Remove hard coded bodystruct path everywhere
      msgviewer: simplify attemptCopy
      msgviewer: set max line length to 1 GB
      Revert "Rename selecter to selector"
      Revert "Implement style configuration."
      notmuch: manually close notmuch objects
      notmuch: docs
      show error if account view creation fails
      improve date parsing for notmuch/maildir
      base models.Address on the mail.Address type
      msg/reply: handle addresses as addresses
      msg/reply: don't cc the sending address on reply all
      Localize timestamps in the message list
      ParseAddressList: return empty list if "" is provided
      reply: use set instead of linear search
      docs: link to styleset(7)
      update go-message
      dirlist: fix empty row if dir is added
      fix comment in ParseAddressList
      Remove unused Simulator interface
      Update go-imap to latest commit
      reply: don't override the answered flag if we didn't send
      notmuch: close tag object
      notmuch: rename method to SetFlag
      notmuch: clarify comment char of query-maps
      imap: add sort support
      refactor ParseMessageFormat to use a ctx object

Seán C McCord (1):
      doc: add oauth to aerc-smtp

Srivathsan Murali (3):
      msg/reply: scoping error of part slice for quoting
      Set AnsweredFlag on successful reply
      notmuch: undefined variable when setting reply flag

Tero Koskinen (1):
      maildir: Provide nicer error message on invalid url

Thorben Günther (2):
      stylesets: only accept comment char after whitespace
      aerc-stylesets: properly indent examples

Tobias Wölfel (2):
      Document mailto argument usage
      Add flag based search options

sqwishy (1):
      correct tcell.Style for underline

y0ast (7):
      Add account alias configuration and correctly set From field
      Upgrade tcell version to 1.4.0 to support truecolor
      correctly apply msglist_read color
      Make mimetype check consistent across cases
      propagate error from sendmail
      update go-imap
      update go-imap-sortthread


aerc 0.5.1

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On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 07:22:39PM +0100, Reto wrote:
> I've tagged aerc 0.5.0.

... And naturally forgot to bump the version, which gives us 0.5.1.
Sorry for the noise.

Reto Brunner (1):
      update the makefile version
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