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aerc 0.4.0

Amir Yalon (2):
      Fix crash on mouse scrolling between message parts
      Ignore missing message part in getDecodedPart

Andreas Rammhold (1):
      Ensure we aren't selecting negative directories

Anirudh Oppiliappan (1):
      Bump ProtonMail/crypto to fix build on OpenBSD

Ariel Popper (1):
      Add missing man pages to uninstall target in Makefile

Ben Burwell (11):
      Update go-maildir to latest
      Use timestamp-format in msgviewer
      Add popovers
      Show textinput completions in popovers
      Don't use current input as a possible completion
      Add address book completion in composer
      Handle MIME encoded addresses in address book
      Don't select completions until tab has been pressed
      Strip trailing newline from address book entries without names
      Add docs for reply -T
      Fix handling of multiple template-dirs

Ben Cohen (1):
      Changing aerc.conf delimiter parsing to use only =, and not : as well

Ben Fiedler (5):
      Switch back to upstream pty library
      Use aerc.PushError where appropriate
      Ensure documented defaults match given defaults
      imap/fetch.go: report error when fetching headers fails
      store.FetchFull: Change callback type to expose entire message

Daniel Martí (1):
      lib: fix an out of bounds panic in the server

Drew DeVault (16):
      Revert "Parse headers from template"
      Composer: fix EOF errors
      Reword aerc-tutorial with revised constraints
      Initial support for PGP decryption & signatures
      compose: add space between headers and editor
      Simplify PGP messaging
      Yet another revision to PGP UI
      Reduce size of the password prompt UI
      Refactoring: remove store from PartInfo
      msgviewer: do not interpret header as format string
      gofmt fixes
      Fix headers in built-in templates
      libui: don't require beeper for main content
      Revert "Dont detach process under vterm"
      Add contrib/_incr_version

Erazem Kokot (2):
      Fix typo in message view section
      Remove unecessary <Enter> from aerc.conf.in

Galen Abell (4):
      Ensure new directory exists before unwatching old
      Mark sent messages as "seen" in maildir
      Mark sent messages as "seen" in maildir
      Try to open attachments with correct extension

Grégoire Delattre (1):
      Allow maildir subdirectories

Guillaume J. Charmes (2):
      Dont detach process under vterm
      Use stdout as controlling terminal

Jeffas (13):
      Add missing notmuch build tags
      Make search more lenient
      Update DirectoryInfo handling for maildir
      Don't set the store on an update to it
      Cleanup sorting logic
      Set the store on the message list if it is nil
      Don't show empty message while sorting
      Only show spinner while sorting if no uids
      Add move-tab command
      Count recent messages in maildir exists total too
      Add pinned tabs
      Add postpone command
      Add recall command

Jonathan Halmen (1):
      fix function keys in terminal widget

Kevin Kuehler (1):
      widgets/terminal: Reap more zombies

Kiril Vladimiroff (1):
      Break early when delete happens in outdated state

Leszek Cimała (11):
      fix make install directiories permissions
      use correct headers for message part
      decode(RFC 2047) imap headers to fix encoding in subject & filenames
      failback to Content-Type filename when encoded Content-Disposition is used
      remove garbage headers in reply message
      create OriginalMail struct
      remove Original* check
      add .OriginalMIMEType variable to reply template
      template: remove last \n to fix additional new lines after quote
      template: add exec and wrap
      template: man cosmetic changes

Luke Drummond (1):
      Display the mimetype when offering to pipe or save

Michele Finotto (1):
      Add custom sorting for folders

Nicolai Dagestad (1):
      Make the http handler of the unsubscribe command async

Noah Kleiner (1):
      Add link to scdoc

Peter Lamby (2):
      Document smtp-starttls
      Correct the khard example so that it works with aerc

Rafael Castillo (1):
      Initialize an empty message map in the message store on initialization

Ray Ganardi (4):
      fix: Close unused MessageView when swapping view
      fix binding for delete message
      Add :choose command
      Implement :header command

Reto Brunner (80):
      add ProvidesMessages interface
      widgets: add msgInfoFromUids helper
      AccountView: implement ProvidesMessages
      msgviewer: implement ProvidesMessages interface
      msgstore: add marking functionality
      add command helpers
      add mark command
      archive: adapt to ProvidesMessages
      copy: adapt to ProvidesMessages
      delete: adapt to ProvidesMessages
      move: adapt to ProvidesMessages
      modify-labels: adapt to ProvidesMessages
      msglist: highlight marked messages
      binds.conf: mark bindings
      docs: mark command
      add LabelList event
      notmuch: emit LabelList event
      modify-labels: add completion
      read: adapt to ProvidesMessages
      fix invalid format string
      Add labels to index format (%g)
      msgviewer: Add Labels as a virtual header
      msgviewer: do not anchor ansi escape to start of line
      msgviewer: bypass filter for headers
      msgviewer: decode headers prior to displaying them
      models: add BodyStructure.PartAtIndex
      FetchBodyParts: decode source in the workers
      imap: decode reader prior to returning them
      maildir/notmuch: don't re-encode readers
      Correct spelling
      worker/imap: don't decode in FetchFullMessage.
      msgview/save: Adapt to already decoded reader
      msgview/open: remove manual decoding
      imap: emit messageinfo when changing read state.
      config: Strongly type context type
      dirlist: remove not needed sort function
      dirlist: adapt to dynamic UIconfig
      notmuch: avoid stale DBs
      imap: fix double closing idleStop
      Only fetch the directory contents when we are switching directories
      dirlist: actually honor the DirInfo
      Request DirInfo whenever the unread count may have changed
      notmuch: emit DirInfo upon request
      notmuch: add internal event loop
      notmuch: refresh dirlist in background
      msg/reply: fix address comparison
      msg/reply: simplify string comparison
      Revert "Only fetch the directory contents when we are switching directories"
      fix missing import
      widgets/dirlist: Fix total message count
      lib/msgstore: debounce directoryUpdateRequests
      msg/delete: remove redundant err check
      notmuch: align dirInfo logic to the maildir worker
      remove the dirInfoUpdateRequest functionality
      notmuch: emit dirinfo upon label change
      go.sum: re-add notmuch
      go mod tidy, updated go.sum
      README: include demo and update required go version
      msg/archive: complete the possible options
      Readme: add config location of MacOS
      templates/quoted_reply: fix incorrect timezone identifier
      Remove ability to specify headers in the editor
      remove mention of header addition via the editor from tutorial
      aerc-config: remove bold modifier within text
      add template structure to aerc-templates(7)
      msg/reply: Deduplicate TO: and CC:
      lib/messageview: mark messages as read
      docs: extract template function to their own section
      templates: add version func
      creak/pty got force pushed: fix version
      notmuch: remove read handling from FetchMessageBodyPart
      maildir: remove read handling from FetchMessageBodyPart
      msg/read: don't copy waitgroup
      commands/helper: remove duplicated method
      Change MarkedMessages to return uids
      imap: Remove FetchMessageBodyPart.{Encoding,Charset}
      FetchBodyPart doesn't need the parent body structure
      msg/reply: fix encoding issues for quoted reply.
      Move findPlaintext / findFirstNonMultipart to utils
      msg/forward: fix body part selection

Robert Günzler (2):
      Parse headers from template
      Parse headers from template

Simon Ser (3):
      worker/imap: rely on go-imap for charset handling
      Update dependencies
      Requires Go 1.13

Srivathsan Murali (2):
      Fix double >\n when quoting empty line
      Contextual UI Configuration

Thorben Günther (1):
      Fix crash if there is no to address for %F

Timmy Douglas (2):
      compose: don't call ti.tabcomplete when it is nil
      worker/lib/parse: be more tolerant with parsing email addresses

Wiktor Kwapisiewicz (2):
      Fix crash when no message is selected
      Fix crash on mouse scrolling before messages load

Zoltan Kalmar (1):
      Add quotes to the default pinned-tab-marker

burrowing-owl (1):
      Fix array out of bounds error

elumbella (2):
      Guess date from received if not present
      Show 'Message sent' only for ten seconds instead of permanently

ernierasta (1):
      fix non-utf8 encoding in msgviewer

sqwishy (2):
      toLocal template function
      note in aerc-templates.7.scd for toLocal function
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