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On Sunday, September 20, 2020 6:53:54 PM EDT Brett Gilio wrote:
> Other forges seem to support pinning repositories on account pages, as well
> as in project hubs. This may be useful especially in hub.sr.ht where
> there is a specific repository which may be considered "primary". For
> example, in orcircd[0] I have several component repositories, several of
> them being auxillary and one of them being an RFC implementation
> subproject. It would be beneficial if I could "pin" the primary
> ~brettgilio/orcircd git repository to the top of this listing.
I like this idea, it would be very useful to me to be able to designate which 
repository is the "main" repository.
> In theory this could perhaps be based on which project is selected as
> the README source, or could be independent of that customization (in
> cases where multiple repositories could appropriately be pinned).
I would rather have it be independent of the README choice.

Owen Salter

Re: Pinning repositories

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Not quite sure if the aerc list cares much about sr.ht issues ;)

Please resend to the proper list.
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