Saving sent emails when using notmuch

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I'm trying to get aerc up and running using mbsync and notmuch. I've
managed to set things up to pull emails down from the server and index
them. I can read them in aerc, no problems there.

When I send an email it gets sent but then it dissappears. It's not in
the Sent directory in aerc or if I try my email provider's webmail.

I gather from other threads here that this is because the copy-to config
doesn't work if you're using notmuch.

So I'm wondering how I would set things up to start saving copies of my
sent emails? I've read in [1] that this is "better done by either your
sendmail script or by the mail server". I can't change any of the SMTP
server settings (which is what I think is being suggested as the second
option here?). So instead I should alter my sendmail script? How do I go
about doing that in aerc? The aerc-smtp man pages don't mention anything
like this and the closest other config value I could find was copy-to,
which brings me full circle :)

Thanks for your help!

[1] https://lists.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc/patches/11944
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Do you have multiple accounts or just one?
If multiple, you'd need to switch on the account, copy the mail into the sent folder or however it's called per account (it differs between providers)
Then send the mail to your submission server (msmtp is a handy tool for it) to the actual recipients.

Same deal if it's just one but the script will be much shorter (or you could patch aerc)

The problem is that we really can't assume how the  notmuch structure is setup and hence can't natively support it.

I have ~/mail/account {1,2,3,4} but equally valid would be ~/mail/{work,private}/account {1,2,3,4} 
or any other variation (the notmuch db being in ~/mail/.notmuch).
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