abook for contacts?

Cullen Ross
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I'm trying to use abook as my address book command and I'm unsure of
what I have incorrect; When I try to tab complete an address in the
"To:" field, it just skips to the "Subject:" line. The command I have
configured is : abook --mutt-query %s --outformatstr="{email}
{name}". Is my command incorrect, or am I going about address
completion incorrectly?

Thanks in advance!
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Hey, your approach seems correct (assuming that you've set
address-book-cmd to the command you gave, but I take that as a given.

My assumption would be that it's format is incorrect

To quote aerc-config(5):
>     The command must output the completions to standard output,
>     one completion per line. Each line must be tab-delimited,
>     with an email address occurring as the first field. Only the
>     email address field is required. The second field, if
>     present, will be treated as the contact name. Additional 
>     fields are ignored.

So my guess would be that you just have to add a \t, so:

> abook --mutt-query %s --outformatstr="{email}\t{name}".

If that does not work because it is not expanded correctly you can also
try inserting one directly. Just be sure that your editor doesn't
replace it with spaces. Unfortunately I can't tell you much about how to
do it with abook as I don't personally use it.
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