updating contacts list when sending a message

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hi there,

I am trying to automatically update my contacts' list when replying to
an email (triggering the parsing of the message for its recipients and
sending that list of recipients to my CardDAV server).

reading through the various aerc man pages, I didn't notice anything
related to this, only a 'new-email' trigger.
did I miss something?

reading through the send-mail code (commands/compose/send.go), I guess a
possible avenue to do such a thing is to write a separate command, say
`~/bin/mta`, that would forward the bytes written to its STDIN to both
the "real" send-mail and to the "vcard-update" program.
(and set the "outgoing" string to "~/bin/mta" in the correct account)
or is there a "better" way?

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