support for encryption flags and to_chars ( from mutt )

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Disclaimer : This is a feature request for features from another similar

mutt has a 3-character notation to indicate message flags.
From muttrc(5):
%Z     a  three  character set of message status flags.  the first
			 %character is new/read/replied flags (“n”/“o”/“r”/“O”/“N”).  the
			 %second is deleted or encryption flags (“D”/“d”/“S”/“P”/“s”/“K”).
			 %the third is either tagged/flagged (“*”/“!”), or one of the
			 %characters listed in $to_chars.

We already have most of the flags already built into aerc ( O/N/r/D/!/* ).
What we are missing is the encryption and the 'to_chars' status flags.

I do not think the encryption status flag requires any detailing.

For the to_chars flag, it makes sense when looking at folders that
contain both incoming and outgoing mail. It could be difficult to know
which emails are incoming and which went out - especially when using
the %F flag in the index_format.

It would be nice to have support for the extra flag fields. Or one
merged with the existing %Z flag but with a 3-character notation as in
mutt - the first being the existing flags ( O/N/r/D/!/* ), the second
being the encryption status flags ( S/P/K ) and the third being the
to_chars ( ' +TCF' ).

I cannot think of a way where the flags can be merged into the same
single character field because they are mutually inclusive and can
co-exist together simultaneously.
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