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Re: Alpine Linux maintainership of signal-cli

Simon Frankenberger <simon@fraho.eu>
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Hi Siva,

thank you, I've put the mailing list in CC to make this transparent.

The aport actually works fine, running on my icinga server and happily 
sending signal messages about service outages and recoveries.


On 14.06.2022 17:10, Siva Mahadevan wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Yes you can definitely take over signal-cli, although I don't think the 
> package is even working now. This is why I haven't been so active with 
> maintenance. If I understand correctly, the issue blocking its progress 
> is that the libsignal dependency (rust version) depends on rustc 
> nightly, which Alpine Linux does not accept in its packaging dependency 
> rules. Until it is supported by rustc stable, we cannot publish a 
> working version of libsignal-jni.so which is required for signal-cli to 
> work.
> You can definitely take over maintainership in the meantime if you feel 
> like it though! You have my approval.
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