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Heads up: OpenSSL 3 -> 1.1 migration underway

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As part of the 3.15 release cycle, we planned to upgrade the system 
OpenSSL to 3.0, because of the improved licensing and isolation of legacy, 
known-broken cryptographic primitives behind a legacy provider module.

Unfortunately, this migration hit a few regressions, notably in apk-tools, 
but also some packages like MariaDB were not anywhere near ready to be 
used in production with OpenSSL 3.  We decided to wait a few weeks to see 
what happened, but we hit a key decision point (preparation for Alpine 
3.15 soft freeze) without any resolution, and so the contingency plan 
automatically came into effect.

The contingency plan, of course, being that we would move back to OpenSSL 

We will re-evaluate the situation in Alpine 3.16 when OpenSSL 3.1 is 

In practical terms, this means that your APKBUILDs have been modified 
where appropriate to depend on OpenSSL 1.1 explicitly.  This is to give 
the packages a stable dependency tree while the openssl-dev provider is 
flipped to openssl1.1-compat-dev.

Later next week, main/openssl will transition to community/openssl3, and 
main/openssl1.1-compat will transition to main/openssl.  This step will 
not require any rebuild.

Thanks in advance for everyone's patience!

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