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APKBUILD net option

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I have a question why there is missing the "net" option in the APKBUILD 
of many packages which require to download dependencies during the 
E.g. packages compiling with GoLang or NodeJS (npm) related.

So at least here an abuild rootbld always fails for them.

Should this be patched for these packages or do I miss anything why it 
is like it is?

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This is purely because the builders and a lot of people do not use rootbld and 
use "abuild -r" instead. Preferably this changes and people start patching 
packages that require downloading things to build or at least make their 
APKBUILDs specify the net option.

Also unrelated but I had to sent this email twice because the first time it got 
rejected due to "containing HTML" (I did not intend for it to have HTML). As 
far as I know however the email also contains a plain text variant, at least 
my mail client seems to say so, so it would've been great if instead of being 
rejected it would have just forwarded that plain message instead.
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