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Thanks for posting Jakob.  I assumed I wasn't on the list when I
didn't see any messages!

I read Fred's Discord bot post and found it interesting.  It's cool to
see how it went from relying on private APIs to becoming so widely
used.  I was a little confused by the use of "servers" vs "guilds" in
the blog post, but after I looked up how Discord uses those terms it
makes sense.

As for myself, I've done mostly backend development in Ruby and C#
over the years.  It's really cool to see so many people on this
mailing list doing lower level work.

I also have a small blog (https://www.jertype.com) I haven't updated
in a year.  There isn't really a theme other than posting things I
learn.  I am hoping to get a new post out next month.

I am also a host on the Software Engineering Radio podcast. The last
episode I recorded
was with a ruby core team member about the ruby runtime.  If you're
interested in that sort of thing, I hope you'll check it out.  Let me
know if you have any questions about podcasting in general too.

On the topic of blogging software, I used the Hugo static site
generator and host the site with Netlify. Hugo works well, but I find
Go's templating language difficult to read and I'm not happy with how
the syntax highlighting currently looks.  If anyone has any
suggestions, feel free to share.

I also recently added self hosted analytics using an application
called fathom.  It seems pretty respectful of user's privacy so I
thought I would give it a shot.  You can see my instance here if
you're curious: https://stats.jertype.com/

I look forward to writing with all of you!