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Hello free writers out there,

I'm writing a (free) book introducing Linux as a desktop OS (just a hobby won't
be big and professional like Linux Bible) for new to Linux users. This has been
brewing since November 2021... 

On a serious note, I've been lurking this email list and thought that maybe
some of you would be interested in having a look at the book project?[0]
Any feedback is super welcome.

Maybe Drew is interested on giving his thoughts if he happens to have time?[1] :) 

I'm considering going public with the repo soon, but haven't yet. That's why the link
is unlisted on sourcehut currently.

Me, and the professor that wrote the foreword, are currently looking for 
publishers, but as a minimum the book will come out at HUP (Helsinki University

I work with server infrastructure by day and do my art/free software projects
in the evenings.[2] Like most of you I also have a blog.[3]

Thank you for your time!

/ Ricky Lindén

[0] https://git.sr.ht/~rickylinden/linuxbook
[1] https://drewdevault.com/2021/12/25/Use-me-as-a-resource.html
[2] https://rickylinden.com
[3] https://rickylinden.com/blogindex.html
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