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Juraj Oravec
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> That's a really nice blog!

Thank you, but it is work in progress and I am terrible writer.

> May I know the reasons for moving to VPS? 

Simply I wanted to try it, do it on my own. I can learn a lot by doing 
Next I wanted to move my things from GitHub, as I stopped liking it 
after it was bought by M$. It took me a while to do it but in the end I 
Now I have my own git server[1] where I can organize things in much 
better way than on GH.
Plus other small things for which I would still go for VPS (the freedom 
to run anything you wish to is great)

> We're you self-hosting earlier?


> Sent from my Android device with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

Your phone seems to be broken, I have got this mail 4 times already.

[1] https://git.sgorava.xyz
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