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Adolfo Santiago <dolfism@gmail.com> writes:

> Nice to meet you, Jacob :)

Nice to meet you, too!

> For me, I'm Adolfo, a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering. Right
> now I'm looking for a topic to write about in my blog. I noticed that
> there's a lot of people right now and a lot of blogs with really good
> information about almost any topic, so I feel a bit overwhelmed about
> that.
> And, also, I'm changing paths in my career. I always liked to work on
> operating systems (kernel, services, tools...), and programing in
> low-level (or system languages) like C or Go (I never touched Rust, so I
> cannot have an opinion). I must confess I'm not near my goal right now,
> so I'm working on get started again and, hopefully, finding a job where
> I can work as a C developer (or Go, or Rust :P).
> So, maybe, I'll have something to write about soon, who knows :)

Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed, too. It helps to remember that
writing is a form of expression: if working with systems programming is
your idea of fun, just put your thoughts down on paper in a way that
feels natural. And best of luck with your journey!