How to represent stream as []u8

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Hello! Thanks for help, but I have new problem.
I can't figure out how to represent stream as u8.

Here is my example:

use fmt;
use io;
use bufio;
use memio;
use os;
use fs;
use strings;

export fn main() void = {

   let buf = memio::dynamic();

   for(let i=0z; i < 5; i +=3) {
      let name = readLine();
      fmt::printfln("You entered: {}", name)!;
      io::write(&buf, strings::toutf8(name))!;

   let res = strings::fromutf8(buf);
   //  error: Argument type memio::stream is not assignable to
parameter type []u8

fn readLine() str = {
   fmt::println("Enter string:")!;
   const line = bufio::read_line(os::stdin)! as []u8;
   return strings::fromutf8(line)! ;
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You can use memio::buffer to get the stream contents as []u8.
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