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Hello there,

I have a few questions regarding implementing EFI support.

What is the content of the `mods` field? Should it be only the content of the 
`modules` folder, or should it includes the kernel file in the first entry,
then the content of the `modules` folder sorted?

If I understand  multiboot correctly, the "boot modules" are just any file
specified to the bootloader in that specific order. From the README.md file

> Additional boot modules are loaded from /modules/\* in alphabetical order;
> the first one should be the init program.

In helios' case, the first item is the kernel file itself, then `00-X` and
so on.

Should hboot follow that pattern? There's an `image` field in the `bootctx`
struct that contains the ELF 64 header that doesn't seems used anywhere,
should it be removed? Or do we take this opportunity to make `mods` contain
only the content of the `modules` folder and use this `image` field.

I hope my question was not too all-over the place.


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