Avoid redundant entries for accounts with multiple protos

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I just stumbled across Himitsu and I really like the Idea behind it.
However, I see one "use case" that doesn't seem to be covered.  I find
it hard to explain that in a general manner, so I'll use an example:

If I want to log in to google.com with my google account and store the
credentials in the Himitsu key store, I'd create an entry like this:

proto=web host=google.com user=me@gmail.com password!=12345

However, if I'd like to also log in to my gmail account via IMAP to read
my email, the proto would be IMAP, the host would be imap.gmail.com, but
the credentials would remain the same. So IIRC, I'd have to create a
second entry like this:

proto=imap host=imag.gmail.com user=me@gmail.com password!=12345

This would make it necessary to create redundant data for every protocol
associated to one account, so if I'd change my google password, I'd have
to change it in at least three places, if I'm also storing my SMTP
credentials. Is there a way to avoid this? If not, is a feature to avoid
this planned? I'd imagine some kind of reference system.

Thank you for your work.
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The format of each key differs depending on the protocol. A key with
proto=imap may have a port number defined which would conflict with the
port for proto=smtp, for instance. You should make multiple keys imo.
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