[Feature Request] Secrets API integration

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Hi list,

first of: Thanks to everyone developing and maintaining Himitsu, I've 
been lacking a secrets manager that suits my needs for quite some time 
now and it seems that Himitsu may come very close. If nothing else, I 
will probably be using it to manage my SSH keys.

Now my question:
Some Programs (Like Nheko (a Matrix client) or Evolution (a Mail 
client)) require a secrets manager to work that supports the Freedesktop 
Secrets API. At the moment, I don't think any software besides Gnome 
Keyring and KWallet do support it, both of which I can't get to run 
reliably on my system. I know that Himitsu has its own API which looks 
rather simple and straightforward, but is an integration with the 
Freedesktop Secrets API on the roadmap or even of interest?

Including it would introduce some interesting problems, like the 
question which entries should be synchronized with other systems or how 
to define that for some keys and programs Himitsu should never ask for 
permission again. (Although, admittedly, with SSH keys both questions 
have to be answered somehow as well)

Thanks again!
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You're welcome to create a third-party tool which connects dbus to
himitsu, but we're not interested in it upstream.
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