Re: My personal journey from MIT to GPL

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Hi Vince,

Another licence I have been looking at recently have some of the same ideas
behind as the MPL.
I am talking about the European Union Public Licence (EUPL), it was designed
to be used under 
the laws of the European union so how things are defined in it depends on
the copyright rules of
the EU.


A thing I find nice about this licence is that it is only one I know of that
have been translated into
many languages, not just French and English like CECIL but all 23 languages
of the EU. There is also
documentation about how to use it and similar. I don't know if MPL also
covers it but one of the 
things I find really nice is that it like AGPL views using it as for a
service as a way to distribute it
so it cannot be misused for backend services in the same way other licenses
can be.

Valdemar Erk