Comparing QBE and Vladimir Makarov MIR

George Rose <george@1w1g.com>
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I want to know your idea about https://github.com/vnmakarov/mir in comparison to QBE.
I think their goals are similar

Compiler Performance Goals relative to GCC -O2:
    70% of generated code speed
    100 times faster compilation speed
    100 times faster start-up
    100 times smaller code size
    less 15K C LOC

QBE is a compiler backend that aims to provide 70% of the performance of industrial optimizing compilers in 10% of the code. 
QBE fosters language innovation by offering a compact user-friendly and performant backend. 
The size limit constrains QBE to focus on the essential and prevents embarking on a never-ending path of diminishing returns. 

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