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Hi Drew!

Your post comes in perfect timing... at least in my side of things!
It's a lovely read, as usual!

Thing is that I've been loosely trying out some Go software these days
and I've become increasingly curious about the language itself. I've
played a bit with it (I can't say I built anything, not even anything
trivial) and it looks really, really nice to me except for one thing...

The whole modules distribution thing.

It's something I dislike in all modern programming languages: be it 
PyPI, Ruby gems, npm, and even older ones like CTAN, CPAN, ASDF, 
you name it... I find them intrusive within the context of a repo-based
Linux system, especially in those where the packaging system is 
actually good and there's some degree of rolling-releaseness going on.
I don't if this was the case, but it seems to me like these systems 
have been created with a Debian-like system in mind? There I can see
the benefit, of course... especially late in the release cycle of a
distro version (like current Debian 10, for example)... but 

I may be a bit of an old school lady here (hey, I like jazz... maybe 
this is my snobbism after all...) but watching Go downloading a lot of
things onto ~/go, setting uncommon permissions (400)... feels like the
language is taking decisions that should be mine, honestly.

If I compare this to the typical build source in C or even C++ or 
shell, I can decide whether I grab dependencies from a repo or build 
all/some/none of them from source. I get to store the source in a 
directory of my choice and also install them wherever I want in an easy 
way, like setting PREFIX... or manipulating PATH. It is more manual, it
*can* become cumbersome, but hey it can't get more explicit than that.

I can see this is in a high degree a matter of personal taste, sure.
My way is probably horrible for someone else out there and that's fine!
And I'm sure that there are ways to avoid using automated module 
installation on Go, which I'm not aware of... Yet this is something 
that strikes me... as weird coming from the people who designed Go...
Thompson and Pike were involved in Plan 9 after all... Maybe they 
weren't involved in that specific aspect of the language?

I hope I made some sense...

Anyhow, looking forward for your thoughts on this and, as always, a
pleasure to read your posts!
Ariadna Vigo
Web: <https://ariadnavigo.xyz>
PGP: 0xA3B1324836A669BD
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