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Hi there, Drew.

I just wanted to show a little bit of appreciation. I've known SourceHut
for a long time now, and I have to say I found it a very good forge to
host all of the FOSS projects we do.

I'm also sorry that you have to deal with the quantity of comments you
deal on a daily basis. Sometimes I find myself reading them, or even
finding your user in <insert here the platform> banned for some reason,
and I don't understand the reason behind that decission.

You might be one of the few persons that I find myself having good,
thoughful discussions (even if we ever talked more than three or four
times on IRC), and I enjoy a lot those moments.

> This stuff gets to me.

To who it wouldn't. We're persons, after all.

> I believe in my principles and I enjoy writing software that
> embodies them.

Among friends of my I've known for a long time, and long time FOSS
maintainers, you're one of the few people that I look upon while keeping
my principles and ethics in every line of code I write publicly, or even
participating in a public conversation.

You might get a lot of hate online, but there're also a lot of people
that are inspired by your work.

We might not say it aloud, and we should do it more often.


I'll close this email by saying thank you, Drew, for all the work you do
not only for SourceHut's users, but also for all the community.


Re: bleh

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Thank you :)
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