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I just learned about this from Louis Rossmann during the first part of
his recent video [0] ...

"FUTO is a new organization founded to develop technology and share
knowledge that gives control of computers back to the people." [1]

The overview of their social media strategy has me wondering if they
intend to reinvent (something resembling) the Fediverse. I can only
wonder because everything I might know about federation is what I might
vaguely remember from your blog.

At any rate, someone with finances seems to have aimed squarely at a
Real Problem, so that's neat. I expect they certainly will give grants
for open hardware projects in the future, considering that Rossmann got
his grant for forming Repair Preservation Group [2] and lobbying in
state capitals. He's been working to get voters / their representatives
to remove artificial barriers, which are economically convenient for
the OEM and nobody else, against us (or our designated technician)
fixing our damaged/defective proprietary hardware.

I hope it plays all the way out.

[0] https://odysee.com/@rossmanngroup:a/let's-talk-about-the-next-phase-of-my:c
[1] https://futo.org
[2] https://fighttorepair.org

Robin Couto
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